Interior Design Ideas: Making Your Teens Room a Heaven


The article offers tips and suggestions on how to best decorate the room of your teenager. There are a number of resources available to create designs for kids’ room and they can be a great go-to source for inspiration. From texture paint designs to funky accessories, there are a lot of ways to bring out the flavor and create a room that your tween will absolutely love. Following these tips below can make the project a little easier and a degree more enjoyable.

When trying to decorate the room of your tween, keep in mind that the room should reflect your teenager’s personality. Every adolescent is different and while there are a number of ideas out there for designs for kids’ room, what you choose will depend upon factors such as taste, preference and budget.

Pleasing a teenager is never easy and the best way to achieve satisfactory results is to involve your teenager in the decorating process. That way you will know that you are going in the right direction. Here are certain themes that you can follow and create a great teenager’s room:

The vintage look is really cool and lends a retro air to the whole room. The light colored walls contrasting with funky pillows and bedspread, the poster bed and the chandelier all complete the look.

This is a great theme for a boys’ room. For the feature wall you can also go with the option of texture paint designs as opposed to plain. The bright colors lend a bold, dramatic look to the room and the contemporary furniture makes it look really modern.

For a smaller sized room, this functional and clean look will do the trick. The white and red are a great combination and the open shelves add both utility as well as easy access. Posters and accessories on the wall are a classic when it comes to a teen bedroom and your child can choose their personal favorite.

This is the ultimate tropical island look, complete with a lot of funky colors. Do not miss the colorful closet and the printed blinds. Creating a closet like this is easy enough. You can look for an old closet from a garage sale or something and repaint it with the color of your choice.

Finally, this sophisticated look can be the perfect hangout place for your teen and his or her friends. The polka dot painting on the wall and the matching furnishings combine retro and modern. These colors while more for a girls’ room can be traded for darker and bolder colors for a boy’s room.

The themes above are only the tip of the iceberg and what you can actually do is limitless. In saying so, these suggestions offer good inspiration to come up with something of your own to create the best possible look. Just remember, keep it fun, vibrant and in tune with the interests and personality of your teenager. Bearing these in mind you will never go wrong.

Space-saving ideas for your kids’ room

Kids’ rooms need more space than others. This is because kids need to play, do their homework, and lounge around in their room. With the paucity of space in urban India, kids’ room design is becoming more and more difficult. However, with some intelligent design, you can easily make your kids’ room a haven for them.

Pull-out Bunk Beds: Almost every kids’ room has a single or 2-tiered bunk bed. However, a new concept is that of the pull-out bunk bed. Here one bunk bed remains at the regular height of a bed. Another bed slides under it. In this way, the upper bed serves as a couch by day and the lower bed can be pulled out at night to accommodate one more child. Make sure that the bed can be pulled out smoothly and easily and that the child can manage to pull it out alone.

Multi-tasking Storage: Each bunk bed can have a row of drawers incorporated in their respective frames. Also, since the height of the upper bunk bed is lower, you can add more shelves above the bunk bed to add more storage space. More storage space, including the wardrobe, and more shelves can be aligned with the bunk bed.

Multi-levels: Another great way to save space in kids’ rooms is to create a small ‘mezzanine’ floor within the room itself. All it takes is two-three stairs and a wooden/tiled platform. This platform can house the children’s study tables and shelves. The beds can be placed under the platform during the day and pulled out during the night.

Loft Bed: A loft bed is also a good space-saving trick often used in modern kids’ room design. The bed is on a loft and the play area or study table lies below the bed.

Creating Privacy: All siblings need their own space and privacy. While they may get along most times, children often begin to fight unless clear lines are demarcated for privacy and ownership. If you have a long linear room and want to use 2 single beds, place them one behind the other along the wall. Do not place them side by side, because this simply wastes space. Create a partition between the two beds. The partition can have storage for each of the kids.

You can also separate spaces with tall almirahs or bookshelves.

Another way to add privacy in the room is by placing either a tent bed or having bed canopies. This gives the child some time to be on his own and even hang out with his friends without being bothered.

Other Basics: Aside from these tricks, make sure you don’t leave out the basics of making a room look more spacious. Use light-colored wall paint and linen. Use large UPVC windows that add security, are hardy, and let plenty of light come in. Use your child’s favorite color in the accessories in the bedroom.

All the points above will make sure your child has enough room to enjoy himself and that there is harmony in your home.

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