You really are the life of the party, and you always have been. But life could always be more fun! Why not adopt a cute dog to help you bring even more fun into your life?

You’re very shy,it’s hard to talk to people. Need a little help? Bring a cute dog into your life and you’ll find talking to people is so much easier than you feared!

Not much of a people person? A cute dog can change all that!

Looking to have some more fun? A cute dog breed is exactly what you need.

The Cutest Breeds in the World

Some breeds really are just made cuter than others. They have a certain quality. An “I-really-just-have-to-pet-this-dog-and-talk-to-their-charming-owner” quality. When you want your animal companion to improve your star quality, it’s one of these cutest breeds that you’ll need.

Cute dogs make people stop. Cute dogs make people have conversations. Cute dogs make parties more fun. Cute dogs just make everything more fun.brown dog on grass looking at camera

So, which cute dog do you need? Here are a few breeds to choose from:

  • Pomeranian – an internet hit, everyone can use a little Pom-Pom in their life. Their round, happy faces brighten up everyone.
  • Shar Pei – wrinkles, wrinkles, wrinkles. There is nothing not adorable about puppy wrinkles. Shar Pei’s are so soft and loveable. And, oh, those wrinkles make people smile!
  • Akita – it’s the tail. It has to be the tail. A curly-cue of puffy love, an Akita tail makes everyone want to stop.
  • Pug – what a face! The unmistakable smooshed face of a pug makes even total strangers want to feed pug puppy food their entire life.
  • Basset Hound – do you ears hang low? Do they dangle to and fro? These pups do. Incredibly soft, long ears and soulful eyes make everyone go “aww”.
  • Bichon Frisé – the head puff of this breed makes even the frowniest people want to stop and pet. They really are just adorable companions.
  • English Cocker Spaniel – crinkles of fur. And long ears. And the sweetest disposition most will ever see. An English Cocker Spaniel is a great conversation starter.
  • Yorkshire Terrier – tiny balls of silk fluff, the Yorky will bring plenty of attention to you. They’re beyond cute. They’re extra-adorable.
  • Cockapoo – a mix of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, these pups have the spaniel cute and the poodle sophisticate. They’re designer cute. Oh so lovable.
  • Papillon – who doesn’t love butterflies? Fuzzy butterfly ears that is. The Papillon’s ears are where it gets its name from. It’s an absolutely loveable breed.

Out and About with Cute

Wait for it. Really. You’ll love how popular you become with a cute dog. Walking one of the cutest breeds will help meet and make friends, even dates. They’re just so loveably cute! Everyone needs to stop and pet the cute breeds.

All you really have to decide on when choosing your cute dog breed is size. Do you want your cute super-sized or pocket-sized? Whichever size you choose, they’ll be plenty to squeal over.


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