RugSpa offers Oriental rug cleaning services across the United States. These Oriental rug cleaners have been in service for over 94 years now. The long time they have been in business explains the rich experience they have reflected in the high quality Oriental rug cleaning services they offer.

They draw customers from all over the United States who seek for the company’s services to clean their handmade, luxurious wool, hand-knotted, silk and all other fine rugs. The fact that they hand-process each rug separately, makes the rug cleaning process thorough. The top notch quality services they have maintained over all this time they have been in operation leaves their customers satisfied. This reputation has made them attract a large number of loyal customers from across the entire United States.

Convenience is one more thing that would make you seek for their Oriental rug cleaning services! Their excellent and efficient rug-cleaning-by-mail services are remarkable. In fact, they were the first to come up with such service in the industry. First, you request for the estimate through email, after which they send you a transport kit and a shipping sleeve through their delivery partners such as FedEx, with comprehensive details on how to package your rug in the sleeve. They have excellent customer support which makes a follow-up through phone calls to ensure any question over the whole issue is answered. The delivery service providers return two days after delivering the shipping sleeve to pick the rug from the convenience of your doorstep. This not only becomes convenient, but also saves you time and gas. Don’t forget that these shipping services are done throughout the entire United States, so regardless of your location within the United States; you will still conveniently access the services of RugSpa at your doorstep.

No need of worrying about the safety of your treasured rug either! This is because you give your rug’s value to them with which they insure and protect the rug in the course of the whole process, when the rug will be away from you.

RugSpa Oriental rug cleaners have an expeditious turnaround. Normally, they ship back your clean, restored rug one week after receiving it, but they have a provision for an even much faster turnaround of two or three days at some additional cost on your request. Otherwise, within 24 hours after they have received your rug, they notify you when to expect it back.

One more attractive feature with these Oriental rug cleaners is their flexibility when it comes to payment; they accept all the major credit cards. Your payment becomes due when the rug has been cleaned and ready to be shipped back to you. If you are not satisfied with the service offered, RugSpa guarantees you 100% refund of the payment.

Any cons? None of much significance except if only RugSpa can expand their services to cover places outside the United States, it will be great; otherwise RugSpa Oriental rug cleaners offer the best, most convenient and reliable cleaning services across the entire United States.


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