The summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy the freedom, comfort and access to healthy natural sunlight offered by a conservatory, right? Well, not necessarily. Whilst a home with a glass-heavy annexe will be a wonderful place to spend long summer days, it is actually the winter that may be best suited to such a home addition.

When many people think of orangeries in the winter, they think of cold, hostile places that will offer nothing but unwelcoming views of grey skies and excessive rain. However, this is not the case, and not only are modern extensions likely to be much more effective at retaining heat, but they are also likely to offer the perfect views of crisp, white snow without one needing to venture out into the cold.

Whilst such a room may well be used a great deal in the summer, individuals are still likely to head outside as often as possible to enjoy the sun’s rare rays. In the winter, we stay in far more and in turn having conservatories added to our home gives us the perfect chance to remain close to nature without having to brave the elements.

Furthermore, over the winter period, we are likely to entertain guests far more often, meaning that a great deal of extra space is likely to be needed. Not only will family and friends be stopping by over the festive period, but even in the New Year when money is tight and the urge to go out is at its lowest, we are likely to choose to invite people to our home rather than meet up in bars or restaurants.

The Christmas period is the most appealing time of the whole year to spend within the likes of an orangery. Not only will such an addition offer plenty more space for guests and plenty more space for families to spend time in when they might otherwise feel as though they were in each others’ pockets, but such a room is also the perfect place to really go to town with decorations. With a backdrop of snow or even simply the beauty of a well-tended garden, a Christmas tree and some well wrapped presents will look far more inviting in such a bright, spacious spot than they will crammed into the corner of the living room.

The ability to enjoy natural sunlight may also be more important in the winter than in the summer. With far fewer hours of daylight and with little to no urge to go outside, most people see very little of the sun over the winter months, despite the fact that the crisp winter mornings may actually show off the sun at its most beautiful. By being able to relax in the warmth of the home whilst still being surrounded by a great deal of sunlight, individuals may well find they feel far happier and even healthier over the winter months than they otherwise might.

With the chance to utilise under floor heating or even smart temperature controls within the conservatories UK companies can offer, it has never been more appealing to spend time in such a room at any time of the year. Yet, more importantly, such technological advances have ensured that winter is actually the most appealing time to enjoy such a space.


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