There are a number of different pest control companies in the US, helping people live and work in a clean environment. However, if you are smart enough and are able to identify the critter that needs to be eliminated, you can handle home pest problem yourself. Before taking any such action, you must do proper research and should even consult an expert as most pest-control formulas possess toxins which can be extremely dangerous for humans and animals.

While there are numerous kinds of pest-control formulas available in markets, it is strongly advised that you use them with extreme care in order to prevent any kind of harm to yourself, your family, people in your surroundings or the pets you might have.

Chemical & Chemical-free Applications

Good news for people, who cannot afford to hire the services of a pest-control company or wish to do it themselves for some reason, is that apart from manufactured chemicals, solutions which are free of chemicals like herbal or orange oil extracts are also available for controlling pests. These natural formulas will help you kill or retard pests without causing any kind of health threat.


If you are looking to control rodents and insects, a trap might just be the best option for you. There is a wide range of shapes and sizes of traps available in stores and you can choose one according to your personal preference. One popular type is closed traps which appear like small rocks. These closed traps catch rodents and insects before killing them in a chamber. It is highly recommended that you use closed traps if there are children and pets in your house as poison is locked inside them.

Building Maintenance

As they popularly say ‘Prevention is better than Cure’, if you can maintain your building efficiently, chances are high that you will not have to cope with the problem of pests every now and then. Cracks or holes in the foundation or siding allow pests to enter a building. It is advised that you keep a check on the entry points of your home regularly and take necessary measures as soon as you witness any small hole or crack that could pave the way for pests. Small cracks and holes can be easily filled with caulk or foam without having to spend too much, while wood or metal grating can be used to cover larger gaps. Entry points of pests are normally windows or doors, especially those from where utilities enter a home.

One of the important steps to take in your effort to maintain your building efficiently and to prevent pests is to keep the bushes and all plants groomed. Make sure that debris does not find a permanent place in your house.


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