Hunter Best Cleaning, one of the most reliable construction and residential cleaning organizations, reveals an interesting fact about the dirtiest place in the home. According to them, most unexpectedly, home cleaning appliances contain more germs than that of any garbage cans and even toilets in the house.

One of the most common things that give rise of bacteria is certainly dishwashers. Philip Tierno, Director of Microbiology and Immunology at the NYU Langone Medical Center clarifies this point by stating that most of the users accumulate dishes for few days, which increases the growth of bacteria to a large extent. Although these germs are invisible, clean water nourishes them. Tierno, the author of “The Secret Life of Germs”, explains that one can easily make their dishes free of germs if they clean dishes with diluted bleach first.

Another cleaning equipment that is regarded as the bacterial breeding place is most strikingly, the washing machine. Charles Gerba, Ph. D expresses that washing machine is such an appliance that washes and cleans the clothes properly as well as spreads unwanted elements around it. He is of the opinion that almost 500 million E. coli bacteria are spread into the machine while people cleanse a load of undergarments. This would result in infectivity of the entire load of laundry.

However, he also suggests an effective to way to clean the washing machine. He opines that by running a vacant cycle with certain amount of bleaching powder once in a month can make the machine free of germs.

On the other hand, users can also sanitize this appliance by using bleach before washing any other apparel in the machine. In order to prevent contamination from under garments Gerba recommends washing them in hot water and color-guard bleach.

Expert personnel of Hunter Best Cleaning stated that in most of the cases the customers are amazed to discover that this essential appliance of cleaning is actually, one of the unclean things in the home.

The report next reveals the name of sponge as the clean offender. Tierno is of the opinion that sink is undoubtedly one of the dirtiest places in the kitchen while sponge is perhaps the most unclean items positioned in the sink. However, experts of Hunter Best Cleaning agree with this opinion of Tierno.

According to the study of Simmons College, almost one-third dishrags and sponges included staph and even MRSA, which is reported as unresponsive to antibiotics. Surprisingly, their levels of bacteria are almost two times greater than that of the bacteria in the toilet bowls.

Toothbrush is the other item that contain bacteria to a large amount. A study of 2011 revealed that most of the grand new toothbrushes also contained bacteria even they are used for the first time. Tierno explains that mouths of human beings are filled up with over 500 distinct kinds of bacteria. However, using toothbrush increases naturally the number of bacteria. In order to avoid further infectivity of toothbrush, the best effective way is to clean it with sanitized dishwasher.

In order to lead a healthy and safe life, Hunter Best Cleaning suggests using deep cleaning appliances that are also environmentally safe.


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