MAG machine tool performs heavy-metal milling

brass-colored manual drill press

MAG’s latest horizontal boring mill (HBM) is for heavy-metal milling, as well as multi-axis contouring, boring, drilling and tapping on large parts for the construction, oil field and wind industries.

The FTR 3500 is a mid-sized job-shop machine, capable of a full 2m reach inside parts with a ram-supported spindle.

The machine’s collinear ram, made from ductile iron, adds a 1m W-axis reach to the spindle’s existing 1m extension.

It provides maximum rigidity for full-power cuts by minimising spindle extension.

The ram’s 400 x 500mm cross section is sized for extended reach with rigid support to enable the machine to perform additional operations, helping to reduce large part setups for faster cycle times and less work in process.

The machine’s Ram Displacement Compensation system uses a hydraulically actuated tension rod system to counteract the static loads of attachments, and control ram displacement caused by variations in ram extension and attachment weight.

Like all MAG boring mills, the FTR 3500 includes W and Z-axis thermal compensation software to dynamically offset spindle growth.

The FTR 3500 is available in column heights of 2m to 5m (6.6ft to 16.4ft) in half-meter increments.

Travelling-column design allows virtually unlimited X-axis travel for processing large and long workpieces or multiple batch parts, while 20m/min (787ipm) rapid traverse rates reduce cycle times.

The choice of spindle powertrains includes two four-speed versions available with spindle diameters of 130mm and 155mm (5in and 6in).

Available horsepower is 56kW (75hp).

The FTR 3500′s rigid box welded column construction, wide way spreads on the column and runway, and steel runway fabrication provide rigidity and durability for the most demanding machining requirements, resisting deflection and minimising vibrations.

Linear positioning accuracy is 0.015mm (0.0006in) and repeatability is 0.008mm (0.0003in).

Precision roller packs on X, Y and W axes, provide stability, low friction and durability for high-performance machining.

The Y-axis has a 100mm (3.94in) preloaded, anti-friction ballscrew, while the Z and W axes use a 63mm (2.5in) diameter ball screw.

The X-axis is driven by an electrically preloaded rack-and-pinion system.

Modular design allows economical customisation of the FTR 3500, along with fast machine build and delivery.

The machine can be fitted with choice of travels, headstocks, spindle diameters and spindle power, controls, coolant systems, workholding and tool magazines.

Front-end options include a range of indexing and rotary tables, auxiliary slides and floor plates.

An optional attachment rack enables storage and quick change of contouring heads, programmable boring bars, right-angle heads and more to speed production.

Optional cartridge-style ram allows for a fixed attachment or attachment changing operations.

The FTR 3500 includes a minimal air-oil lubrication system in the headstock, eliminating the need for chillers and ancillary equipment for lower overall ownership cost.

Ergonomic enhancements include operator platforms with X-, Y- and W-travel options, as well as operator convenience packages that include lighting, power, air and workbench options.

Custom workzone enclosures are also available.

The service areas of the machine are designed using Visual Uptime Management principles to simplify maintenance and maximise machine availability.

Clear, colour-coded labelling and note plates assist in accessing and maintaining key utilities for the machine and control.

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