Our Hair is like an inbuilt tiara on our heads which comes in different colors, shades, and textures. And the fun thing about them is that we can experiment and style them the way we like, anytime, anywhere. We can color them or just add some curls in it, in mere seconds.

Who would not want their permanent tiara to look beautiful, lustrous, and healthy all day, every day? We all want to have a good hair day every day, but sadly the pollution and all the hairstyling can damage the texture and quality of your hair.

There are so many products in the market currently, which will deliver you the latest trend but will suck away all the conditioning from your hair. Excessive use of these products can intensely damage your and make them rough and frizzy.

In order to help you to protect your hair, we have listed a few products which you should steer clear of, if you want to maintain the shiny glow of your hair.

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5 Products That Are Damaging Your Hair

  1. Alcohol-Based Products: Alcohol-based products are a big no-no if you like to style your hair regularly. Alcohol is mostly used in mousses and spray-gels. Alcohol in itself is a very drying ingredient that can make your hair rough and dry. People already steer clear of alcohol-based skincare products, as they can suck off all the moisture from your skin. Rather than using alcohol-based products, you can experiment with natural ingredient-based products or moisturizing products.
  1. Bleach: We all like to experiment and color our hair and avoid the damages which can be caused due to bleach. Avoid going for bleach while coloring your hair. And always ensure that if you do use to bleach your hair, ensure to keep it away from your roots, as it might cause some serious damage to your hair. It can mess with the quality of hair strength and growth. Also, avoid using cheap hair colors as they might include chemical ingredients worse than bleach. Bleach also has some other side effects which might result in skin cancer or skin swelling so ensure to test the product somewhere else on your body before applying it directly on your hair.

You can also avoid this altogether and use a Henna instead of color to hide all the grays in your hair.

  1. Cheap Shampoo: Shampoo is like a cleanser for your hair, so you better start investing in it.  Cheap shampoos can strip off the natural hair color and oil in your hair. Always ensure to check the number of sulfates and other lathering components in your shampoo as they are responsible for making your hair rough and dry. In case you do like the smell of your drug store shampoo, ensure to check if it has low sulfate and moisturizing ingredients in it. Also avoid running after your favorite celebrity products, rather try out some nature-based shampoos or maybe ayurvedic products, instead of chemical-based shampoos.
  1. Hair Sprays and Gels: They are a must if you are planning on styling your hair; however they are also responsible for causing the maximum damage. So ensure to use them as minimum as possible, don’t get carried away, and use the whole bottle in a single styling session. Gels are also responsible for causing early grays and roughness in your hair. Always ensure to wash your hair as soon as possible if you have applied any of these products. You can condition your hair with oil or some conditioners, after using these products to relax the muscle of your hair.

These products are commonly used by men, who fail to take proper care of their hair after they have applied it. It is important that you clean your hair after the gel and ensure to condition your hair after it. They can also cause dandruff and roughness in your hair which can degrade the texture, and quality of your hair.

  1. Heat Protect-ants: They can do more damage than one can imagine if they are not used properly. Plus, the fact that most heat-protecting lotions don’t fulfill the promises mentioned on their bottles. Most people, who style their hair regularly, use these products in their homes. And if this spray is applied before using a heat machine, like a curling or straightening machine, it can seriously damage the quality and the texture of your hair. It can almost burn your hair, which can break them off or cause split ends in your hair. So, make sure to only use this spray after you have styled your hair, else you might just cause more damage to your hair than prevent it.

Just ensure to never use any hair lotion spray or product before styling your hair.


healthier hairThese are some of the products which can really damage your hair. So we suggest you steer clear from all these products else they might make your hair rough and dry completely. If you want to maintain the quality of your hair just make sure to wash and condition them regularly. Use more nature-based hair products. Just make sure you don’t damage your hair while experimenting too much with your hair. A healthy and regular diet can also help you sustain the quality of your hair. Regular oiling and relaxation will also help your roots stay happy, so let your hair loose and flow with the wind every now and then.


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