Horse riding has become one of the most important and famous sports and pastime in the recent decade. But you must be very conscious in keeping track of the equipment that you will be using while horse riding. The first thing that you should keep in mind is selecting the correct and comfortable stirrup leathers which will ensure the effectiveness of your riding. Appropriately sized leather saddles will allow you to make the proper length adjustment for your legs and will make riding easier. The next thing that you should definitely be concerned about is choosing the correct colour of the leather so that it matches with the colour of the saddle. It might look like a fancy idea and more of a show-off but you surely do not want to be seen all rainbow coloured while riding a horse.

Not only this, there are a lot of other things that might not meet your preference. Therefore, it is totally imperative to know a few things before you go and buy a stirrup for yourself. Most of the stirrup leathers which are available in the market come with holes spaced at one-inch or at half-inch intervals. Some riders would strongly prefer the more precise length adjustment which can be received from the half-inch leathers. You might also consider the leather width. Most leathers are generally available in the standard three types of width 1 inch, 7/8 inch and 3/4 inch. As many riders would prefer you should definitely be looking forward to reduce the bulk under the leg and choose the leathers with narrower widths, which are also helpful for children and small riders and can provide a lot of space for riding and also a lot of comfort.

Buckles are the major components of stirrup leathers. One cannot overlook the importance of a buckle. They are designed from stainless steel for durability and strength. Most buckles come in two types, flat and curved. Some professional riders will primarily prefer the traditional flat buckle, while a few others find that the slightly curved buckles will tuck into the stirrup bar area more smoothly to reduce the bulk that is under their thighs.

In order, to get a general estimate of the length of leather you might require, you’ll have to measure the length of your arm from your armpit up to the tips of your fingers. After that you should always double that measurement and add a few inches to be sure that you have enough amount or length of leather to tuck into the leather keeper. Also, remember that the height of the stirrup iron will add six to eight inches to the overall length of the entire stirrup. Lastly, choose between the three types of stirrup leathers:

  • Traditional stirrup dressage leathers will typically last a longer time and will maintain their appearance and not wear off. Holes can be added by a saddler, if required. But the only drawback of traditional leather is that it can get stretched overtime by use.
  • Nylon-core stirrup leathers were developed as a solution to traditional stirrup leathers. It is made out of nylon webbing and is covered by leather so as to reduce the stretch. But holes cannot be punched in it.
  • Synthetic stirrup dressage leathers are produced by synthetic saddle manufacturers and are the best in quality and can provide long lasting quality.

Understand these essential points in order to get the right set of saddles for your horse ride.


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