he Alice + Olivia shows during the New York Fashion Week by designer Stacey Bendet are known for two things:  the hot and young celebs who attend and the eye-catching looks. Designer Stacey Bendet did it once again during her spring’s presentation on Monday at the Highline Stages in Manhattan and this time it was with a punch of prep. While speaking to Newsday, Stacey Bendet said that in each of the looks, there was this combination of casual sportswear, whether it was a traditional trouser or a crop tree, with something that was really pretty or dressed up.

For instance, there were ball gown skirts that had collared shirts and they came with beaded jackets and embroidered blazers that were worn over classic sweaters. There was also a lot of lace that was decorated with both polished suits and elegant gowns. The accessories and the shoes were without a doubt fun too, starting with the pointy-toed heels that were adorned with striped espadrilles and hearts with major platforms to the bearded clutches. However, Stacey Bendet says that the crop tops and pleated miniskirts were the two ultimate must-have items for the spring of the 2014.

Sisters Nicky Hilton and Paris Hilton, who both currently have the same shade of blond, came out to see the collection of the designer in the fashion show. Nicky Hilton was wearing a red plaid miniskirt and long-sleeved top while Paris Hilton was wearing a black and white houndstooth dress. Both of the outfits were of course from Alice + Olivia. Speaking of the fashion choice of the famous siblings, Paris Hilton said that they had similar choices. Paris added that sometimes they will show up at an event wearing almost the same outfit. She said that when they were little, their mom always used to dress them up as twins adding that they loved it.

The New York Fashion Week show held at Manhattan by Bendet could however not be complete without the reunion of “Gossip Girl”. Kelly Rutherford, who was in attendance, ran onto the red carpet so as to hug Taylor Momsen, a former co-star. Momsen was wearing a tight black design from Alice + Olivia which had leather aspect and strappy stilettos. Taylor Momsen said that in her closet there were lots of leather, and she went on ahead to call her leather jacket the second skin. Speaking of the lax style mantra that she was featuring, she said that she usually gets dressed based on how she feels on a particular day in whatever is clean on that day.

Momsen will kick off a tour which will last two months together with her band, The Pretty Reckless, on the 20th of September in Canada. Designer Stacy Bendet could not be able to contain her excitement over dressing her. Bendet said that she thinks that Taylor Momsen was so amazing adding that she was a renaissance woman. Bendet also said that not only is Taylor Momsen an incredible actress and style, but she also has sick style.


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