Reliable sources informed that almost ten years ago Kevin Roberts suffered from the addiction that affected his life to a great extent. It is informed that Kevin spent almost eight to twelve hours of a day before the computer, playing game. In the holidays, he sat all his waking hours before the computer until one of his friends warned him that he exhibit almost all the characteristics of an addict.

In his “Cyber Junkie: Escape the Gaming and Internet Trap”, Robert revealed his struggle against the addiction and stated that akin to most of the addicted person, he also have to undergo a series of self deception.

Critics opined that the story of Roberts who grasped with the addiction through several years of spiritual retreats and therapy is not at all exclusive. It is evident that the treatment facilities have become advanced in recent years. However, the psychiatric hospital located in central Pennsylvania is believed to be the first hospital in the nation that would offer exclusive inpatient treatment program for the individuals suffering from severe internet addiction.

Sources informed that the voluntary program that would continue for ten days is set to open on September 9 at the Behavioral Health Services of Bradford Regional Medical Center. Cognitive specialists and experts experienced to treat similar types of addictions including alcohol and drug abuse organized the program.

Founder of the nonprofit program, psychologist Dr. Kimberly Young expressed that presently internet addiction is such a problem that is proved to be more pervasive than alcoholism in the nation.

It is informed that the program can accommodate four patients at a time. The patients of the same class would participate in group therapy. Moreover, the patients would experience a psychological evaluation and learn the ways that is believed to handful result in the minimal usage of the internet and escape problematic applications. It is worth to mention over here that the program is designed to the individuals who cannot control themselves as the result of their obsession to the internet that cause several difficulties in their day-to-day life.

According to the medical director of the department of psychiatry at Bradford Regional, Dr. Roger Laroche, some type of personality problem or undiagnosed psychiatric disorder, in most of the case, addicted people to the internet. Patients participate in the program would be evaluated psychologically after the “digital detox” that is disconnection of the patient with internet for at least 72 hours.

The chairperson of the DSM-IV and professor emeritus at Duke University, Dr. Allen Frances, is a reviewer of formally recognizing internet addiction as a disorder. In “Internet Addiction: The Next New Fad Diagnosis”, he expressed that almost every type of passionate interest can be considered as mental disorders.

It is worth to mention over here that the association found that young men from Asian countries become engaged in internet games in majority and it is also evident that particular pathways in their brains are triggered in the same direct and intense way like that of the brain of the drug addict affected by the abuse of certain substances.


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