Stan Cottrell And His Film Awards

stan cotrrell china passage

Stan Cottrell is a great personality, who has done several things for the sake of people. Apart from being an ultra-distance runner, he has achieved lots of things in his life. He completed enough miles that is almost around taking eight rounds around the earth. Stan Cottrell is a speaker, world record-setter, author, cross-cultural specialist, and adventurer. Besides all these achievements, he has even contributed to movies.

Stan Cottrell showed courage in tough times through his movies. All his movies emphasize uniting people from all around the world. He did feature documentaries and inspirational movies to give hope and help to the individual of all ages.

Cottrell has done multiple movies and each one of them was specific in its own way. Let’s have a look at the films for which Stan Cottrell got awards:

Challenging The Limits: It is an I.B.M. corporate motivational film

China Run: This is a 1 & 1/2 hour feature film, which was made inside the People’s Republic of China, made in 1987.

China Passage: “China Passage” is an inspirational film of twenty-four minutes distributed by Word Publishers, made in 1988.

Fire & Jade: Fire and Jade is an encouraging movie of thirteen minutes.

Olympian Dreams: It is a motivational movie of twenty-five minutes filmed in Korea. It was made in 1988.

Cu Chi Tunnels: It is a featured documentary filmed in Vietnam, 1988

Destination DaNang: “Destination DaNang” is a non-fiction feature film made in Vietnam that showed the journey from Hanoi to DaNang. It was introduced in 1988.

The Wave of the Future: It is an AquaTec Corporate Film, filmed in 1988.

Stream of Dreams: Stream of Dreams is a Puridyne Corporate Film made in 1989.

Cambodia – The Tragedy: This is a movie filmed in Phnom Penh – Saigon, 1990.

Great American Wellness Series: The movie was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2003.

Bulgarian Rhapsody For Christ: It came in 2005.

Crimean Adventure: Crimean Adventure is a feature-length film made in 2005.


The kind of achievements and appreciation obtained by Stan Cottrell is quite tremendous. His personality can’t be defined in one word as he made impossible things possible.

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