A Place- a History

white cloth lot

Lessebo Handpaper Mill started manufacturing paper back in 1693. Whereas our competitors gave up the time consuming handicraft in favour of industrial mass production, we chose our love for paper. The demand for Lessebo handmade paper comes from both private persons and companies. A paper known for its beauty and longevity. In its own environment we manufacture a pure and natural product you can write on, paint on or just have to look at. In the factory you’ll find both the shop and artist workshop. A visit to the factory is really recommended to see how paper is created with your own eyes, following a process that has been the same for over 300 years. In our shop you’ll be able to buy paper as a present or for your own use. We sell, among others, watercolour paper, letter paper and visit cards. During summer, we also offer guided tours.

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