Issues Associated With The Healing Process Of Tattoos


A tattoo may be beautiful but it is still an open wound so it needs the right amount of care in order for it to heal properly. Each particular stage of the healing process means that the tattoo will require one different sort of caring method or the other. Tattoos should be kept as clean as possible and as free from germs as can be possibly mustered. Healing stages differ from one person to the next so this issue will have to be factored into the equation as well.

Lots of factors tend to play their respective roles in the manner which your tattoo will heal. Some of these factors include the type of skin that you have, where the tattoo is located on your anatomy and the tattoo artist as well as the methods involved in creating and engraving the tattoo.

Any tattoo artist who finishes your tattoo will usually put a bandage over your tattoo along with instructions that you should leave it in place for a number of hours in order to reduce the amount of exposure your fresh tattoo has to the external elements.

Getting a fresh tattoo is somewhat like having some form of minor surgery so if your tattoo bleeds a little bit in the initial 24-hour period after you get it, consider it normal. A bandage should usually assist in absorbing any bleeding which results from your tattoo immediately after the procedure. You should also be rather careful when your bandage is being removed and you should not allow a huge amount of blood dry on your bandage.

A fresh tattoo usually experiences the initial healing stage almost immediately and this stage will mean that your tattoo will be red, a tad sore and a bit swollen as well. In addition to this experience you might also get a slight and stinging feeling rather similar to sunburn. This is a common comparison most people who have gotten tattoos tend to associate the process with.

The healing process of tattoos is rather the same as recovering from a bad case of sunburn, it is quite common for your new tattoo to peel as it is healing. Don’t attempt to do the peeling yourself because if you do so you might end up pulling the ink out of your tattoo and leave it discolored or uneven in terms of the way it looks.

The tattoo healing process is similar to recovering from bad sunburn. It is quite common for a new tattoo to peel after a couple of days. Never peel the skin away yourself during any part of the healing process because it will likely pull the ink out of your tattoo leaving it discolored or uneven in appearance. You will also notice that your new tattoo feels tight, dry, and itchy. Keep applying your tattoo aftercare lotion to hydrate the tattoo and alleviate these symptoms. It is normal to see small flakes of colored skin flake away from your tattoo as your tattoo is healing.

During the healing process of your new tattoo these are the common healing stages: Week one, expect soreness and redness, and slight bleeding is common during the initial 24 hours following your procedure. Week two, expect the tattoo to flake or peel and your tattoo may become itchy. Week three, which is usually the final week of the healing process you can expect that scabbing and peeling had subsided although the area may still be a bit sensitive.

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