Cooper SH announces heavy forklift range upgrades

Cooper SH, a UK distributor of Konecranes port equipment, has made a range of upgrades throughout its heavy forklift range.

The company said the upgrades offer high safety specifications and will help fleet owners reduce their cost of ownership.

The changes will also see a high-specification 33-tonne option and three machines at extreme capacities introduced with more uniform five-tonne increments between models.

The range encompasses 50-tonne, 55-tonne and 65-tonne models at 1200mm load centre.

The SMV 65-1200 is believed to be the largest standard production forklift available in the UK, according to the company.

The upgrades include a remodelled chassis design on the complete heavy forklift range that the company claimed will enhance rearward visibility and provide a greater engine cooling capacity.

David Cooper, managing director of Cooper SH, said: ‘These machines have a larger box-section chassis that will allow for greater visibility and will let more air circulate around the engine, keeping it cooler.

‘All machines, including the smaller capacity forklifts and masted container handling range, will also have a new monitoring system with LCD display for clearer monitoring, replacing the previous Can Cockpit analogue gauges,’ he added.

With the MD3 monitoring system, full monitoring comes as standard with automatic engine slowdown in the event of high-temperature or low-pressure of the engine.

Operators can monitor the status of the engine, transmission and hydraulics from an easy-to-read screen in the cab of the truck.

This information will help them take preventative action and keeps costs to a minimum.

‘The system will also facilitate engine/machine servicing intervals, remote access for GSM technology and the Eco-drive system to monitor operator performance and fuel consumption,’ Cooper added.

Cooper SH’s HLL filter is said to see hydraulic oil life extend to 12,000 hours, enabling one oil change across the truck’s economical lifetime.

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