5 things to teach your children about International Women’s Day

internationa women's day

Today is the 8th of March, celebrated globally as International Women’s Day to honor the accomplishments of women all over the world. It’s a beautiful opportunity for you as a parent to instill in your child the importance of women and their contributions throughout history.
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Read on for our quick tips on five things you can talk to your kids about on Women’s day. Not only that, we have a few activities you can try out with them to make the day memorable and have some fun too!

Women’s Day – A day to talk about women that inspire you

Women are unstoppable! Be it sports, space, banking, or the Himalayas; they have conquered it all. Here are a few of our favorite examples to get you started. You could take pictures of these women from the internet or newspapers and have fun making a collage with your kids.

  • Sports– Saina Nehwal (Ace badminton player) , Mary Kom (Ace Boxer), Sania Mirza (Ace tennis player)
  • Space– Kalpana Chawla (First Indian Woman in space)
  • Banking– Chanda Kochhar (MD and CEO of ICICI Bank), Naina Lal Kidwai (Head of HSBC India)
  • Himalayas– Bachendri Pal (1st Indian Woman to climb Mt. Everest)

Women’s Day – A day to teach them to respect women from every walk of life

We need to teach our kids to respect every woman they come across. Remember, whatever your kids learn in childhood, will influence their thinking and behavior for the rest of their lives. So we have to tell them how valuable the women around us, like our mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers, are. Without their love, care, and wisdom, the world wouldn’t be such a great place to live in, would it?

Women’s Day – A day to educate them about the role women play in our daily lives

Think about a special woman in your child’s life. It could be a teacher at school, librarian, doctor, digital marketeer, or a salesgirl at the toy store. Talk to your children about the service this woman provides and ask your kids to make a ‘Thank you’ card for her. The intention of this exercise should be to drive home the point that the actions of women from all walks of life have an impact on us, whether big or small.

You are your child’s role model.

Moms, today is the day to tell your kids how you manage to walk the tight rope between work, home, and the endless priorities on a Mom’s things to do, ensuring the responsibilities in each area of your life are well taken care of.

Dads, today is the day to appreciate your better half’s contribution in every aspect of your life, share her load in small ways (help around the house) for your children will follow in your footsteps.

Celebrate Womanhood

Need an excuse to party today? Surprise the ladies of the house and around you with a celebration big or small to recognize their contributions and thank them for being there for you.

Happy Women’s Day!!!

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