Learning plays a significant role in the formation of each person’s personality. Achieving a certain level of skill for each person has its peculiarities. To become a specialist in a specific direction, it is necessary to undergo training. The learning process is acquiring knowledge, skills, and experience and transitioning from one stage to another.

Educational institutions, as a rule, provide their students with the opportunity to get an education. This is an essential step toward self-realization to achieve the goals set. The tasks and goals set for a person define him or her as a person. In communicating with people and learning the world, a person strives for something better, more individual, something that satisfies his needs.

This point is very important because a person has the features of individuality, manifested in the appearance of the person, in the manner of behavior, in the interests and hobbies. This not only distinguishes us from each other but also makes each of us a unique individual. Therefore, we just need to know and be able to present ourselves.

The psychologist, as a specialist, should know that personality always appears in the communication process, which means he needs to know how to direct communication toward a common goal. If for whatever reason, a person is unable to achieve his goals, he may sink to the level of a “master communicator,” and in doing so, may well lose the main thing – to be a person.

Improving one’s competence is such a necessity that allows one to increase one’s self-esteem, confidence in oneself, one’s work, and one’s successes and achievements. Improving one’s professional competence, includes several points, and training, in this case, is one of them:

  • To form the ability to engage in dialogue, to justify one’s opinion;
  • To form the ability to control oneself;
  • The ability to maintain the right timbre of the voice.

The development of all these qualities is crucial for the formation and development of communicative skills. For such skills and communication skills to develop successfully, a person must constantly be engaged in self-education.


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