Have you ever wondered what gives you bad breath? Having a smelly breath can be a very unpleasant condition. Many people who suffer from this common condition often search for remedies without first understanding the real cause of it. This is unfortunate as these remedies often mask our bad breath without really curing it. As a result, our breath condition continue to persist.

So what are the main reasons for bad breath? There are a few and of course it will be different for everyone. Typically these are some common reasons for most people.

One is the buildup of bacteria on the inside of the mouth, between the teeth, and on the tongue. Bacteria cause foul odors wherever they are, and this includes inside the mouth. The solution to this is of course better oral hygiene. Never neglect flossing, brushing, and rinsing, especially after eating. And when you do brush, make sure you include the inside of your mouth and your tongue. The bacterium that settles on your tongue is another of the main reasons for bad breath. Be sure to brush as far back on your tongue as you can without gagging yourself.

Gum disease is another major cause. The infections in the mouth that come about as a a result can cause your breath to stink. The smartest thing to do if you are facing such prospect is to visit your dentist immediately. He or she will be able to recommend the appropriate remedy for you to improve your the condition of your gums.

Lack of saliva is another reason. The lack of saliva can be due to medication or simply dehydration. The obvious treatment here is water. Drink water to keep yourself hydrated is a simple yet effective way to rectify this.

Anything that affects the sinuses can also cause foul breath. This usually happens because one has to breath through his or her mouth more often, which causes bad breath by drying out the mouth. Having blocked or plugged sinuses may not themselves cause bad breath.

It is important to follow a healthy diet with lots of fiber, fruits, vegetables, and healthy foods like this. This will help to break down the enzymes in your foods and move things through the digestive tract. Neglecting your digestive health is one of the main reasons for bad breath, so be sure to eat properly, drink plenty of water, and by doing so you’ll be addressing your halitosis properly.

Another very common cause of bad breath is the respiratory tract infections. Do you know there were about 208 million episodes of respiratory tract infections last year in the US alone? This number is expected to increase year after year. This number includes both the infectious and the non-infectious processes such as asthma but these all can definitely lead to a foul breath phenomenon. It is really important to care for your health and to get proper medications to cure the illness.

As you have read, there are many bad breath causes. If your current bad breath relief is not working for you, you may wish to talk to your doctor and see if there are other options they would recommend.


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