Today’s busy adult has a tough challenge. In addition to taking care of the kids, the house, and going to work, they now have to care for the aging parents, many of which are healthy enough to live in their own homes without medical care, but not well enough to do all things on their own. At this stage in the senior citizen’s life, it’s too expensive to put them in a nursing home and besides, who wants to do that to their parents if they don’t have to? The struggle to keep them in their homes can be tough though, and very draining on family members.

If you have senior aged parents that are fairly healthy, there some things they can do to remain in their homes, be independent while taking the load off of their families or whoever in their primary caregiver.

Have Groceries Delivered

In today’s busy society, many things have become all about convenience. The grocery store is no exception. As a result, grocery stores are now offering to do your grocery shopping and deliver it straight to your home for a small fee. The benefit is to save time for busy families, but senior citizens can take advantage of this service too. Seniors can get the food they want and need without having to hassle their families to take them to the grocery store. Not to mention, seniors can get their goods when they want them rather than waiting for a family member to be free. All they have to do is place their order online by choosing from thousands of products. I know what you are thinking – my parents use a computer? That’s ok – you can place the order for them if you know what they want.

Many supermarkets charge the same price for the cost of the groceries online while charging a small fee for the delivery and believe me, it’s well worth it. This is a great service that can be utilized on a regular basis if you can afford it or every once in a while when a special need arises that prevents the ability to get to the store. Check the website of your local grocery store for more details.

Order Take-Out

Many restaurants now offer free delivery with the only obligation being a tip for the driver. So why not collect as many take-out menus from food establishments near your senior aged parent and treat them to a nice meal while reducing the work on you? Don’t encourage this every night though! It can be bad for their health and their waistline!

Sign Up For Meals On Wheels Program

If ordering groceries and fancy food from local restaurants is too expensive for your senior parent, consider signing them up for a local Meals on Wheels program. Meals on Wheels provides nutritious meals to senior citizens that qualify for the program. Two meals a day are delivered by a volunteer seven days a week. Not only will your senior parent get a warm meal that they won’t have to cook and you won’t have to go out and get food for them, they’ll get company throughout the day and someone to rely on if an emergency comes up and no one else is around.

Have Prescriptions Delivered

Keeping prescriptions filled can be almost like a part-time job, particularly for senior citizens who take multiple medications. Rather than running to the pharmacy every few days and waiting for the prescription to be refilled, have your parent sign up with their prescription plan to have them delivered to their door. This way they’ll be assured that they’ll have their prescription when they need it. An added bonus – many mail order services discount prescriptions for ordering them through the mail. For example, if you order two months worth of your prescription you may get the third month free.

Get A Maid

Obviously, cleaning needs to be done around your senior parent’s house to keep things sanitary for them. Cleaning can be a tiring daunting task even for the young so it goes without saying it is tough, if not impossible, for senior citizens. If this is the case, get an inexpensive maid to do the important things like cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, and changing the sheets on the bed. Don’t worry about things like cleaning the windows and heavy duty spring and fall cleaning. Think this is too expensive? Realize that it is still cheaper than a nursing home and allows your senior parent to stay in their own home.

Sign Your Parent Up For A Book Or DVD Club

Everyone needs a little entertainment and being at home alone can be boring without something to do. If they are looking for great writing and movies, consider signing your senior parent up for a book club and/or a DVD club. They can place an order via a sign-up form and mail it in. Books and DVD’s will come straight to their door for them to enjoy. This makes a great gift and lessens the running around from returning books to the library and DVD’s to the video store.


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