We come across many buildings wherein the walls, roofs, and other portions are affected with rising damp. We at our own may not be able to check this menace. It is the prominent Damp companies London and other entities that know the task well and satisfy the clients.

Those thinking to hire reliable damp proofers are advised to consider the following in deep manners:

  • Your exact needs  First of all chalk out your exact requirements as regards the damp and its ill effects. Few of the affected buildings may just require minor repairs while many constructions may need overall repairs because of the damp that has penetrated into each and every portion of the building. Make a detailed list of all the tasks that need to be performed by the damp proofers.
  • Wide hunt  It is wise to contact your friends, relatives, or other known guys who might have hired the services of Damp companies or others in this field. Go through the newspapers, yellow pages, or try on the internet. Prominent damp proofers post their profiles through their individual websites.
  • Interaction  Be wise to call for quotes from few damp proofers and call their representatives for a personal interview. You will be able to know each and everything about their services and other aspects.
  • Qualifications and experience  Prefer hiring the educated damp proofers. Through no formal education may be needed for this task, yet the educated guys would be able to do the task in more reliable manners than the uneducated persons. Likewise, focus should be emphasized on the experience of the damp proofer that you hire for controlling the damp in your building. Do not ever approach the inexperienced guys for getting rid of the damp in your buildings. They won’t be able to do the task in reliable manners and satisfy you.
  • Types of services  The damp proofer should be able to identify the specific damp proofing service that is actually needed for your building. Basically, three types of damp proofing services are required. They are the rising damp that usually rises from below the floorboards and is identified as tide marks on the walls as high as one meter or so. Penetrating damp refers to the recurring one that penetrates deeply into the building and the masonry. It often occurs because of leakages of internal pipes or excessive stormy and wet weather. Condensation is the black mold that occurs due to a lack of ventilation in any building.
  • Charges  This factor also needs deep consideration. The famous concerns like Damp companies or other prominent entities chosen by you should charge a reasonable amount for their services. Your pocket should not be burdened in any way. But be wise not to compromise with the quality of their service for few dollars. Do not hesitate in paying a little more but get the task done in perfect manners.

You can hire dependable and experienced damp proofers by adhering to the above simple tips.


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