Homemade gifts have that something extra in it which is not found in other factory made kinds of stuffs. These gifts are appreciated by everyone and people love receiving such gifts keeping them intact for long years as wonderful memories to cherish. Similarly handicrafts items in India are seeing a great swing where people are buying them to make their homes look beautiful.

In India an extremely rich craft tradition is being followed from years which is distinguished by great aesthetics and mixed art history. Many magnificent masterpieces of craftsmanship like the difficult designs, patterns, painfully crafted monuments, temples and sculptures, etc all have found space in our decoration. The handcrafted items can be explained from its production technique, patterns and materials used as they all are completely different from one another. One can easily plan to have homemade gift ideas for women where stuff can be purchased from many handicraft online stores.

How E-Commerce Industry Is Boosting Handicraft In India

India is the most sought-after country with a diverse population where handicraft items of varied qualities and types are made. Throughout our country from the north i.e. Saharanpur, the wooden carvings are famous, in Northwestern Rajasthan is famous for quilts, Gujarat is famous for embroidery and Punjab for phulkari and so on.

  • India is the largest user of the internet across the whole world. With this, e-commerce is bringing up untapped and new opportunities every day for the local artisans and businesses where a number of stores are being operated only online.
  • E-commerce has offered the handicraft industry a global scope and acceptance where handmade goods are even being exported from our country.
  • E-commerce, on the other hand, has been offering the handicraft industry a marketing platform for domestically produced products.
  • For people using the internet as the easiest way to shop for handicraft products, e-commerce is working as the most promising channel in today’s marketing scenario.
  • E-commerce has also gone to highly interactive communities like Facebook, WhatsApp through which also handcrafted items are being sold very easily.

Therefore, e-commerce is offering the handicraft industry a helping hand where the local artisans and woodcarvers are being given the opportunity to have their everyday living. Not only this, the products so produced by the artisans like the homemade earrings online, the homemade wall paintings, etc are all that speak about the hard work for making the products which are behind their success.

Our major part of the crafts industry is mostly run by small & medium scale enterprises. For delivering quality products & matching them with the demand and supply, there is a need for greater technological support & innovativeness in the industry which is being compensated with the help of e-commerce. Crafts are an integral part of Indian Culture and will always continue to its a major role in the Cultural and Economic well-being of India uplifting the hard work and labor of the local artisans. The handicraft industry reflects Indian beauty altogether.


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