Can you mention of a sport which has got no risk factors involved in it? While on one hand, sports are definitely a fun, on the other it can take away life just for one single mistake committed on spot. Especially the adventure sports, which in itself are risky enough, and even a minute shift from attention, can wreak havoc on the life of the sportsperson. Surfing is one such adventure sport which is immensely famous in most of the coastal countryside and is a favorite pastime for many.

Steve Sorensen, who is a sports enthusiast, holds special feelings for Surfing since the huge waves and its roaring noise draws him to dive in and find out something new that is not known to him yet. It is a deep breath of the waves and the blue world beneath that drives him crazy every time he goes surfing. And this knack to find out something new, something enthusiastic leads him to dive in between the waves anytime he gets a chance.

But that doesn’t make him forget about the risk factors that are associated with the Sport. Instead, he believes that one, who is aware of it, must spread it across all the Surfers because the intention of the Sport is not to harm people or take away lives from them. The intention of any sport is to provide enthusiasm, and not bring in a gust of horror. So here are some of the risk factors which the Surfers must be aware of.

Sharks will always be at the top of the list and there’s no substitute of sharks. Just like accidents come without any prior warning, even these big teeth attack with no warning at all. But the danger regarding the marine life doesn’t end with sharks; instead, it begins with them. There are several other creatures and micro-organisms as well which might be highly injurious during Surfing- including snakes, jellyfishes, seals, and even sting rays, which might be equally threatening.

If there is water, there has to be drowning as well. Often there are reefs in between the waves in which the surfers get strangled, and throw off the surfers from the board. The thrust that the surfers receive while they are thrown off is of substantial magnitude, and are sufficient to be the cause of drowning. One must know at least the basics of swimming before going out for Surfing.

While the surfboards are your ultimate equipment that will support your surfing, it can prove to be equally dangerous as well. As they are pointed at one end and have multiple switch blades which act like fins, they are all ready to slice in anything that might come in their way. So, according to Steve Sorensen one must keep complete control of their boards while engaging in the act of Sport and try keeping them out of the way.

There are reasons to be afraid of, but not to worry much. Proper preparation will eventually help in keeping the world safer.


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