There is hardly any team sport in the world that can match the popularity of football. Million of spectators around the world never fail to keep track of the latest updates of their favorite teams and the team’s most prominent players. Moreover, these spectators never miss the opportunity to watch every league game that their favorite teams play in spite of their hectic schedule. However, there a few ardent football fans who have want to spread awareness about this unique game to children and their parents along with its inherent benefits apart simply watching football matches. Jonathan Bunge from Cleveland, Ohio is one such unique football fan.

Jonathan Bunge’s passion for this unique sport is more than just watching his favorite team play their league matches but in spreading awareness of this sport to the next generation. Currently, he employed in the transport industry and his job requires him to travel to different places. However, he does chalk out time to express his views and opinions on this unique team game through his articles and blog posts. Many people especially parents may find most of his articles on this unique sport instructive and enlightening. This ardent football enthusiast encourages parents to motivate their children to learn the game as it installs many positive social skills that are essential for their upbringing.

In many of his articles, Jonathan Bunge explains that young children who learn football at an early age understand the importance of the virtues of discipline, hard work, preservation and teamwork. During practice sessions and friendly matches, these children may come across hostile oppositions and rough tackles. However, these children learn to maintain their self- control in the face of hostility during the match. This self-control is also important while passing the ball accurately or finding an ideal field position. Since these children play as a team, they understand the importance of teamwork. During the practice sessions, these children understand that not everyone in the team has the same ability or skills but each member of the team has an essential role to play. Trusting each team member to do his/her job is critical to the success of the team.

Jonathan Bunge strongly supports the idea that society should encourage youth football at every level. This unique sport teaches its participants to confront every challenge and overcome all obstacles in their path. Children who play football understand the importance on the need to concentrate on their individual efforts rather than the outcome of the match. They quickly learn that only through constant learning and rigorous practice that they can improve themselves. These children also learn the essence of winning and losing with dignity.

In articles and blog posts, Jonathan Bunge gives parents a unique insight on how playing football can groom their children in becoming successful, independent, mature and responsible citizens. Football is a team game that teaches its participants the importance of hard work and perseverance. Children playing this unique team game find immense pleasure in the game.


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