Want to have the most incredible weekend in your life?

Visit Marseille and get ready for the best vacation you’ve ever had!

Searching for an exclusive place to spend your weekend at? Marseille is what you really need! It’s the undiscovered jewel in the crown of France’s Mediterranean coastline!

Rocky Provencal hills look down onto the ancient port and the thousands of boats docked in its clear blue waters. France’s 2nd city has all you could ask for —beautiful beaches, ancient buildings, thriving arts, and diverse and dynamic nightlife.

We have carefully prepared some of Marseille’s activities which you must try for sure, and the best way to reach them is using a rental car. Just set the position in your GPS navigator and welcome to the best of Marseille!

1.Experience the Outstanding Beauty of the Calanques!

Location: 1 Avenue des Pebrons, 13008 Marseille, France

GPS Position (parking): 43.212603, 5.353099

If you are looking for a unique activity with amazing views, this is the place for you! The Calanques are collectively a series of small fjords that lie to the south of Marseille between the city and Cassis. You can either hike up the cliffs to the lookout spot for some amazing views of the ocean and the cliffs below, or you can hike down to the tiny stone beaches. So bring a good pair of tennis shoes, sunscreen, some water and let’s go!

Ticket options: $25

Working hours: daily from 9.30am

2. Admire the City from the Notre Dame De La Garde!

Location: Rue Fort-du-Sanctuaire, Marseille 13281

GPS Position: 43.284655, 5.371877

Probably is the most renowned landmark which majestically overlooks Marseille. Don’t lose a great opportunity to have beautiful sightseeing on the bay and the best view of Marseille! You can also explore the architectural splendor of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Ticket options: Free

Working hours: April-October daily 7 am-7.15 pm; November-March daily 7.30 am-5.30 pm

3. Stroll by the Parc Borely!

Location: Avenue du parc Borely, Marseille, France, Marseille

GPS Position (parking): 43.256505, 5.382379

Parc Borely is a large mature urban park which is located just 300 meters from the Marseille coast. This is a great place for a morning stroll, a pleasant picnic, or a spectacular view of a Mediterranean sunset. You will find there a lake, a bar, and a restaurant to relax in the middle of a magical setting. Of course, there is an ideal playground for children too.

Ticket options: Free

4. Explore the Literary Roots of Chateau d’If!

Location: 1, Quai de la Fraternite, Marseille 13001

GPS Position (parking): 43.296199, 5.372008

Chateau d’If is the French answer to Alcatraz! Set a few miles offshore of Marseille on a scrap of rock, this squat, round fortress has variously been a harbor defense and a prison. It is a lovely boat ride to the fort, and unlike Alcatraz, you can go swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea!

Ticket options: €5; 18-25s €3.50; under 17s free; boat €15

Working hours: 24/7, boats leave regularly from the mainland from 9 am-4.15 pm

5. Visit the Famous Vieux-Port!

Location: Boulevard Charles Livon, Marseille 13007 France

GPS Position: 43.295062, 5.373887

The Vieux-Port of Marseille is a fantastic place to explore and wander around! Imagine getting off the metro station, riding the escalating, and seeing the harbor, sea glistening against the sun rays, and the Mediterranean-style buildings. That’s the charm of the Vieux-Port! Exercise caution at night, but other than that, take pictures and enjoy walking around the port.

Ticket options: Free

Working hours: 24/7

Where to get a Rental Car in Marseille?

A rental car is the most successful choice for your trip! You can forget about taxis or any public transport and get to any place in Marseille just in a few minutes! It is obvious that a rental car gives you full freedom of action.

It’s very easy to rent a car in Marseille. The best way is to pick up it directly at the local airport.


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