Be it travel to a city for a business or a luxury destination for a vacation with family, travel is a pivotal part of everyone’s lives. Short or Long, Cheap or Luxurious, Land or Air, travel has no bounds. However, travel experiences, even though undesired for, can turn troublesome in more aspects than one. The reasons may include accidents, mishaps, delays, sicknesses and beyond. Hence acquiring travel insurance before setting out for a trip ensures a hassle free and secure trip to your destination.

Travel insurance is available in different categories based on the reason for providing the insurance. The insurance may be paid for various kinds of delays, injuries or sicknesses occurring during travel, hospitalization as well as for death of the person insured. Allianz GlobalAssistanceSingapore, a pioneer in this field of insurance offers a wide repertoire of affordable travel insurance services. They primarily offer two types of insurance based on the number of trips,Single Trip Insurance and Annual Travel Insurance. Each of these is also available in gold and silver subcategories with insurance starting from as low as SGD 23. This insurance is applicable to ASEAN countries, countries in the Asia Pacific and many other destinations worldwide.

Allianz Global Assistance Singapore offers reimbursement for expenses cause due to sickness overseas and for expenses due to health checkups caused by accidents or mishaps. Their coverage also includes medical benefits for pregnant women overseas and for Chinese Medicine treatment. They cover costs for hospital admissions in Singapore and for local medicines as well. Travel insurance also includes a reimbursement in case of death during flight or in case of permanent disablement. Allianz Global Assistance Singapore takes up the responsibility to bring back the bodily remains or the deceased body back to Singapore if the person in question is insured. They not only offer their helping hand to the deceased or injured person but also ensure that their relatives or close family members can pay them a visit to Singapore or abroad.

Travel insurance also includes a cover for any discontinuity in travel i.e. cancellation of a flight or delay in arrival of the luggage or the flight. It also covers other anomalies which might occur during travel including missing of a connecting flight due to delay in the initial flight, postponement or cancellation of the trip for various reasons, loss of hotel reservation and for delay due to hijacking as well! Allianz Global Assistance Singapore offers all these services through their travel insurance along with several other loss and damage based coverage. They offer reimbursement for loss of jewelry, important documents like travel documents, passports and credit cards as well as for theft of personal belongings.

There are many people who consider travel insurance as an added burden to the expenditures for a trip. However, the wide range of coverage on offer at affordable rates makes insurance during travelling both a necessity as well as a reliable companion in travelling safely and securely.


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