You can picture the scene – a cosy Saturday night and mum and dad aren’t too keen to eat in again. Mum doesn’t want to cook and Dad, with a little assistance from the kids, wants to go out! However, where do you choose? There are so many restaurants – but are they all child-friendly and welcoming?

You don’t want to spend the entire evening apologising to other diners about your kids’ behaviour and you don’t want to be there all night ‘sushhing’ your babies. Remember, some places won’t warm baby bottles, have changing facilities or even have a high chair!

Some venues will do some really silly things – like burning candles, just what you want with a toddler. Whilst other venues will bring a stainless steel jug full of boiling hot water to “help”  you warm up your baby bottle (a nice thought, but the third degree burns perhaps makes the thought a little less appealing).

What you need is a new online platform – an innovative platform that can help you engage with the world of restaurants in the auspices of child-friendliness. Does such a pantheon of greatness exist? Well, the great Jo and Helen, from Away with the Kids have created a brilliant repository of reviews that focus only on child-friendly holidays, days out and, you guessed it, great places to eat out with kids.

Away with the Kids was conceived, “with the pure aim of finding fab places to eat that would make all the family breaks welcome regardless of location, type, amenities or facilities- a smile is always a good start, its gets better from there.” Facilities and services led by a smile that are welcoming of families is sole purpose of Away with the Kids. By highlighting great restaurants and eateries for mums and dads, the service helps families come together.

Away with the Kids was shortlisted for the 2009, Good Web Guide UK Medal. The site reviews UK, Irish and global destinations. It offers a fun and friendly destination for mums and dads to explore new places with their child in mind from the comfort of, well, next to the cot, bed or if you’re lucky the armchair.

If you are interested in finding out more about family friendly holidays for babies, toddlers and children, days out, family friendly restaurants, why not get in contact with Jo on 0161 431 0879 or Helen on 0161 282 1980. Alternatively why not visit the website, simply visit


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