Celebrity cars can be a private bunch, particularly when considering their valuable cars. Others may sneak out occasionally in their occasional automobiles. These cars are luxurious, expensive and very eye-catching to drive.

Here are 10 best coolest celebrity cars used currently:

Jay Leno

· Its garage alone can take a splendid top fifty list.

· The man is eventual car nut, having exact originals from the turn of century similar to his 1913 Owen Magnetic to current speedsters.

Simon Cowell – Bugatti Veyron

· Seemingly, being a wretched git on TV for a number of years, it nets you sufficient cash to nub yourself the most costly street permitted car worldwide.

· In all significance, a cool $1.19 million buys a car range 0-60 mph for about 2.5 seconds making it the second quickest in the world.

Nicholas Cage/Jay Kay – Ferrari Enzo

· The same as Leno, but a bit smaller degree, Jay Kay of Jamiroquai is a huge car fan.

· He is not only the kind of celeb who purchases luxurious car because he has dough, but he values them.

· Jay Kay’s Enzo had a latest brush with probable devastation as chef clubbed it to pay Kay back for certain rude remarks.

Patrick Dempsey – Jaguar XK120

· Dr. McDreamy is treading into some great with XK120, which has seen the Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart on its seats.

· The striking car (circa 1948-1954) was beyond a celebrity car, it was used for rallies, and halted track-based speed records over 126 mph and even the enormous 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Jerry Seinfeld Porsche 911s

· The $400,000 1964 ideal was discovered in New York, rusted out and in frantic need of refurbishment.

· Therefore, Seinfeld made it up to the tune of an additional $200k. That is dedication. If you still distrust his dedication to Porsche, check out the 1955 550 RS Spyder, one of just 70 design.

Jeremy Piven – Ford Bronco

· Ford Bronco is the quickest or the most expensive of the collection.

· It is a real American model, one that endures to get appearances as it ages.

· Its precise bronze bulldog can certify it is pristine condition rig.

William/Matt Damon – Tesla Roadster

· Celebrities largely appeared as trendsetters.

· At times, their sentiments can be contentious, but when considering environmental challengers, we say the greener upgrade, the better.

· The nil-emissions two-seater drives off lithium-ion battery power by itself, therefore no oil intake. It is moving very fast and about prizes $100K.

Puff Daddy/8.p. Diddy – Maybach 62S

· Maybash 62S is one of extremely expensive instance.

· It provides every comfort you could wish for in a car, such as sound-resistance glass completely reclined seats, but you cannot think of sitting at the back of a car having 662 horsepower. It is not just correct.

Jason Stathan – Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

· Murcielago goes for $100,000 more costly than Gallardo, coming in at $400,000 to begin. Moreover, it is likewise the size of a small building.

Bill Gates – Porsche 959

· Whereas money cannot purchase you, it certainly offers the means of acquiring and impressive garage.

· It has Kevlar and fibreglass-shatterproof plastic body panel, zero-lift aerodynamic collection, aluminium doors, all-wheel-drive comprising adjustable torque, changeable shock damping, and 6-speed manual transmission.

· Mr. Gates, the most Microsoft thing kids are talking of, has many amazingly cool cars in view of his usually geeky habit. His Corvette Limousine is not part of them, but non-US. Spec the 1988 Porsche strikes simply the exact note. Gates had to work hard against Washington state litigation to retain the German Sports car on shores.


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