Use Instagram as a tool for Storytelling

Red Bull, Starbucks, General Electric, as well as Burberry and Gucci in luxury. Some brands simply exposing their navels with product photos, but others have a real strategy. GE turns its turbines into works of art. Gucci watch the scenes of shows and photo shoots. Red-bull position around its favorite universe: extreme sports. Starbucks, with more than 160 photographs 420,000 followers.  And nearly 4, 00,000 photos with hash-tag # Starbucks.

Build and Engage the Community on Instagram

As on Twitter, brands can initiate hash tags and engage their community. GE held a contest to find the “GE Instagrapher”, requesting all the followers to share photos representing the values of the group: like “moving, curing, powering, building”. Levi’s research Instagram its future models, with the assistance “# Iam Levis “the voting community to identify the next star campaigns for the brand. In summer 2011, Starbucks launched the hash-tag “# 5more “, asking fans to show in pictures what they would do with 5 minutes a day. The competition organized by Ford to launch Ford Fiesta has generated more than 20,000 photos.

Offer new Experiences with the Instagram Ecosystem

Instagram has opened its API to developers: They have built an ecosystem around the original application. Unfortunately, few brands have realized the value of this ecosystem to develop services or campaigns and they have opted to buy followers on instagram for high benefits. However, some examples: Moby fans can tag their photos with the hash-tag “# destroyed” to expect to see, geo-located on the mini-site of the artist “Destroyed “.

Use Instagram as an Image Bank

While brands are still reluctant to use Pinterest for human right issues, the question does not arise for instagram, where the public makes available its own images. With hundreds of millions of photos, mostly public, and geo-tagged, Instagram is an endless supply of images that brands can exploit. The Aldo brand uses Instagram photos on the mini-site “A is for Aldo “after selecting their favorite photos and set up a mood board, visitors discover what flavor it is. Adidas offers a “City vs City Challenge.” when it comes to voting for the city that has the most style, from Instagram photos.

Use Instagram Followers as a Check in Increased

In the short term, the sale to Facebook should not change the balance of the platform developed by Instagram, but the integration of the two sites should result in more users and virility for Instagram. Business Insider imagines a model for Twitter with “Promoted pictures” directly integrated into the news-feed Instagram users. Convergence between Facebook pages and profiles Instagram brand seems obvious: a dozen brands have already integrated their Instagram feed to Facebook.


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