VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it has become an increasingly common way for people to communicate over the internet. It essentially allows you to convert voice calls into IP code, which is then transferred over the internet. There are a number of potential benefits that it can have if you decide to use VoIP in your business, and here are a few of the main advantages.

Save Money

One of the key benefits that attracts many businesses to VoIP when they are choosing a new office phone system is that it can lead to significant savings. Long distance calls especially can really add up when using a normal phone, but with VoIP the calls take place over the internet and so distance is not a factor. Your only real cost to pay is therefore the cost of your broadband service.

If you are calling standard phone numbers from your VoIP phone, you may need to pay a charge. However, for long-distance calls this is likely to be a lot smaller than the amount that you would pay if you called from a standard line. If you regularly have to contact clients or other offices overseas, the cost savings can quickly add up.

Get Local Numbers

No matter where you operate from, with VoIP services you can often get a number in a different location. For example, you may operate in the UK but have clients in China. If you want to make life easier for them, you may be able to set up a local number in China so that your Chinese clients only have to call a local number to speak to you. This will then save them money because they won’t have to call an international number.

Keep the Same Number when you Move

If you move offices, especially to another part of the country or overseas, you may not want to have to change your telephone number. With VoIP, this is often not a problem because your number is not always linked to your location.

No Additional Hardware Needed

You may want to use VoIP handsets in your office to make things easier for your employees, but these are not always necessary. In fact, you can often make VoIP calls using a computer or smartphone that is connected to the internet. So as long as you already have computers in your office, you are often ready to go and there is no additional hardware required.

Extra Features

You can get all of the features you need for your office phone system using VoIP, including caller ID, voicemail and call forwarding. In addition, you are not just limited to making voice calls. You can also make video calls and transfer files and images across the connection. This can be particularly useful when you are trying to demonstrate something to the person you are speaking to.

Consider VoIP for your Office Phone System

If you would like to take advantage of all of the above benefits, you should look into a VoIP system when you are considering replacing your current office phone system. The financial savings alone could make it a worthwhile decision, but there are plenty of other good reasons why it could be a good decision for your business, so ask a specialist office phone system provider about their VoIP services today.


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