SEO though tempting, has got its negatives as well. There are two kinds of activities that revolve around SEO services. One is the positive activity which is referred to as the White hat and the other is the negative activity which is referred to as the black hat. The white feather activities account for the legible activities that are approved by search engine such as Google. The main idea behind posting content online is that it helps to build up the web content online.

Black hat and white hat strategies

Resorting to techniques such as increasing the ranking of the website by some unapproved ways qualify to be a black hat SEO category. All black hat activity doers are aware that there websites might get shut in due course if Google gets to know about what they are actually up to. The black activity doers only focus on working on their website ranking by hook or by crook. They don’t intend to post something on the web for the intention of increasing the content of the web or posting something valuable. If the search engine gets to know about these black hat users, then it will surely ban these websites from functioning. The white hat users rather resort to fair practices that are appreciated by the search engine. In the long run, the white hat users only sustain themselves online.

SEO is not reliable

Though, SEO is used widely to gain the customer base but this is not the only option to avail. Some businesses also make use of paid advertising which involves use of PPC strategy. SEO though is effective and comes at a very low cost but is not dependable. Somebody might just play with your url and you may stop getting referrals altogether. This may result in to big losses as well.

It is always wise to have some back up marketing plans other than SEO. As webmasters could anytime choose to block certain url’s for the safety of their search engine. So, one should always hire some paid advertisement service who could build traffic by actually improving the content online and attracting the visitors every now and then.

It is wise to resort yourself to only fair business practices online. And, blogging, creating testimonials, having FAQ section, allowing customers to drop in feedback are a few of the practices that help you to gain visitors on your website.


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