There is some exciting news waiting for video game lovers in September 2013. Updated website that captions its updated features as the New Grand Theft Auto V brings up some exciting revelations.

The product is likely to hit the market becoming available to all gamers on the 17th day of September this year.

Rockstar Games has recently taken steps to update its official Grand Theft Auto V website “disguised as the Los Santos & Blaine County Visitors Trvelogue – revealing new screens and promotional videos for its fictional in-game content in the process” comments Ryan Mccaffrey, Executive Director of IGN in his post over the updated gaming website.

New screens that have been introduced now highlights the beaches. In addition; it has some exciting features like the plane chase as well as rural Ammu-nation and many more.

Some of the new promotional videos that have been included in the ads for the fall TV lineup of CNT include sneak peek at new Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force. There is also an ad relating to EGO CHASER energy bars.

All said and done, many gaming enthusiasts are looking forward encircling the date 17th September on their calendar awaiting for the release of Grand Theft Auto V updated.

“What intrigue me most about Grand Theft Auto V isn’t jump jets or SCUBA diving, smoking weed or that mooted act of necrophilia, its Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. It’s the bold attempt to weave a cohesive narrative using three very different perspectives”, comments Daniel Krupa examining various opinions expressed about the upcoming game.

Characters that form part of the game are tightly authored and the dialogues are crisp. Even the mannerisms as well as the back stories in it have been very carefully drafted. There are some very definite traits in the game but that does not divert the truth that what these characters actually do is almost entirely devoted to the player playing the game and not many of them are pre-conceived.

“In GTA V you become omnipotent, able to invade the consciousnesses of three different characters”, comments Daniel Krupa in his review.

Gaming enthusiasts would certainly like to learn a bit about the game.

Background of Los Santos is one of the most engrossing and mysterious one and the gamer will be seeing it in three different ways. Take for example, Trevor that is one of the best examples of this. On the one hand he is violent and at the same time unhinged as well as unpredictable. Yet it is possible looking past his solid vest and has a look through into the real person behind it and you may start liking playing as Trevor.

Despite the fact that this is not the character you like most yet when you will be playing as him it would be a change in the gaming pattern of GTA V, a departure from what it earlier was.

You will have multiple options to play in GTA V and the best part of it is that the choice will be entirely yours.
If you are interested to learn more about the upcoming game, you can visit the GTA V newsletter on their website.


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