According to reliable source, a trustworthy and reputed organization is now offering “set-it-and-forget-it style blogging and social media management” for the lawyers, especially for them who are reported to approaching amoral conduct as well as do not prefer engaging people.

It is informed that numerous professionals consider that social media consume too much time. However, they are agreed to the fact that owning an efficient social media can offer handful outcome. Experts are of the opinion that most of the blogs begin with the best of intentions for this reason. Nevertheless, it is worth to mention that after the business rises up in most of the case, blogging becomes the least priority to the owners.

As being informed by the source, set-it-and-forget-it style blogging and social media management is offered by the brand new service, “Wired For PR.” It is informed by the service provider that they are offering exclusive service that ranges from Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter in order to ensure the fact that they would be able to provide their clients the most cost effective, active and engaging social media presence that would in turn enable the clients to acquire the best position in the industry.

A licensed attorney Stephanie Dube Dwilson, who holds her bachelor as well as the master degree in journalism, offers the service. According to analysts of the industry, the website of the service provider resembles restaurant menu to a large extent. The website discloses that she offers media guru worth $1,799 per month and bloggers special that costs $1,499 a month. A dozen or more ala carte services are also offered by her.

However, some critics are of the opinion that some lawyers found that services provided by Dwilson is quite effective for them. While the other groups of critics opined that the entire thing is absolutely impractical. They believed that lawyers are appointed in most of the cases based on their reputation and relationships. The internet that includes social media and blogs are not such powerful that they would be able to change the scenario.

It is worth to mention over here that reputation building and relationship require personal involvement. Experts believed that “set-it and forget-it” professional would not represent the clients at any conference or meet the leaders of the business to enhance your reputation and building relationship.

Using various social media sites and blogging by the lawyers in an effective, authentic and real manner increases their reputation and building relationships. It is worth to mention over here that authentic and real engagement is the key factor here, which cannot be delegated. In case, this is not revealed properly, it could be considered as misleading and false and in turn proved to be unethical.

Most strikingly, the press release also revealed that it can be proved disastrous if delegating some matters as public as social media to the wrong person. This would indicate the fact that someone suggesting the lawyers to entrust their engaging others to create personal relationships and to enhance the reputation may be the wrong person.


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