Since Vida Paper AB filed for bankruptcy 12th December 2012, intensive work has been performed in order to find a solution for continued operations. Yesterday an agreement was made that ensures a continuation of production in Lessebo.

The company that acquires the mill, is Lessebo Bruk AB. The owners behind this company is three Norwegian nationals; Terje Haglund, Roar Paulsrud and Gunnar Hop. The new owners has a solid background in pulp and paper. They are currently active in the paper industry. In a comment to the acquisition Terje Haglund says: “We see the potential in the mill and this as a long term commitment from our side. Our ambition is to develop and run the operations in Lessebo and we look upon coming challenges with quite a degree of confidence. Together with existing and potential customers in combination with our important suppliers, we see a bright future for Lessebo Bruk.”

The administrator of the bankruptcy estate, Bertil Stridh is happy that the mill now can continue operations under a new long term ownership. Bertil Stridh says: “I have reached my initial objectives; a continued production at the mill and consequently that we have secured jobs in this small community. All parties have constructively come together to make this deal possible. I would like to mention the commitment of the employees in the troublesome situation that we have seen and also the commitment that the previous owner VIDA AB has shown.”

Bertil Stridh continues: “This deal has been arrived at with the participation and good will of the former owners Vida AB”

A press conference will be held Thursday 17th January 2013 at CET1600hrs at Herrgården; Lessebo Mill.

Lessebo mill has been in operations for 350 years and has been producing paper since 1693. Today the production is focused on quality papers for the graphical industry and speciality pulp. The mill also delivers district heating to the community. The mill markets well known brands as: Colorit, Kaskad, Lessebo, Lessebo Design and Scandia 2000.


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