A new polyurethane material enables high-performance seals to withstand soaring temperatures and deliver excellent rebound characteristics under extreme pressure.

Ceetak UK, has launched a new range of high-performance seals based on a new polyurethane material, created by the Parker Hannifin Worldwide Seal Group, that is capable of withstanding the most extreme operating conditions.

The new, state-of-the-art P4300 seal’s ability to withstand soaring temperatures and deliver excellent rebound characteristics under extreme pressure is unmatched by any other commercial seal.

The new PPDI-based seal excels in the kind of conditions that most polyurethane compounds find intolerable.

For instance, the P4300 seal operates in temperatures that exceed conventional thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material operating ranges by nearly 20deg.

In addition, the new seal is also extremely durable, tolerant of severe pressure loads and resistant to a range of abrasive fluids found in a variety of industrial and process environments.

Also featuring impressive long-life characteristics, the P4300 seal is ideal for high-intensity applications where machinery, such as hydraulic systems and machine tools, is exposed to extreme temperatures and momentary pressure spikes.

These capabilities sit comfortably alongside the P4300’s low-compression characteristics, which ensure optimum performance in the most aggressive operating conditions.

The new seal range from Ceetak also exhibits enhanced rebound attributes and exceptional compression set resistance throughout its entire operating temperature range, which extends from 20degC to 120degC.

With outstanding heat-resistant properties, the P4300 range of seals perform where other seals fail.

About Ceetak – Ceetak has supplied seal solutions to a wide range of industries for over 25 years.

UK distributors for Parker Hannifin Worldwide Seal Group, the BS ISO 9001 company specialises in the management of supply contracts and end-to-end engineering solutions.


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